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Fuel Surcharge and The Price of Fuel


What You Should Know About The Fuel Surcharge and The Price of Fuel.

The Fuel Surcharge which appears on your monthly electricity bill represents part of the cost of fuel used in the production of electricity in the previous month. The remainder of the cost, that is $1.4066 per gallon, is already included in the basic tariff shown on your electricity bill.  For example, for Domestic customers, this is included in the Domestic Block 1 Charge.

The Fuel Surcharge varies monthly because it is based on the monthly price Domlec pays to its suppliers PDV (Dominica) Ltd and Rubis W.I. and the quantity of electricity generated for the month from Domlec’s Hydro Stations.

The graph below shows the average monthly price of fuel purchased by Domlec from January 2013 to December 2014 and the monthly fuel surcharge over that same period.

Juice & Eaccount Unavailable

Due to system maintenance from midnight, 26th September 2014 .Juice and E-account will be unavailable between the hours of today to 5 am tomorrow morning . Please be guided acordingly

Domlec AMI goes live October 15th 2009

Dear Customer,

Domlec is pleased to introduce to you its new Automated Meter Infrastructure (AMI) Project. AMI is the technology of automatically collecting consumption, diagnostic, and status data from metering devices and transferring that data to a central database for billing and analyzing. As a result, billing can be based on near real time consumption rather than on estimates based on previous or predicted consumption.


Domlec's New and revamped website

Domlec has launched its new and revamped website.  The website promises new features such PowerTalk and links to purchase power.  Everyone is encouraged to browse and keep up to date with the company's operations.  There is a new and revamped Shedules outages pages, numerous questions and answers for your information and enjoy browsing through our our online booklet called Living With Electricity. 

Many thanks again to all our customers for your continous support of the company.

Domlec Tariff Sheet

Electricity Rates – Effective September 1, 2007

Customers of Electricity are hereby notified that there will be a decrease of 2.0 cents/kWh in the base tariffs currently in effect. The following rates shall apply to all bills issued on or after September 1st, 2007.


Presenting AMI

Domlec is pleased to announce that the company has upgraded its prepaid system and now offers AMI prepaid. In October last year, Domlec began a three year program to replace over 26,000 meters with Advanced Metering Infrastructure – (AMI) or smart meters. This program started in Roseau and in May of this year, the program started in Portsmouth. We are now installing AMI across the entire country and soon, all customers will be remotely connected to our network.


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